Interlink Rods - System KLIMA-FLEX

Interlink rods - system Klima-flex for HVAC* applications. To operate two or more locking units with one handle, they can be connected with an interlink rod and rod links. The rod link clamps onto the interlink rod, enabling you to connect several latching units to one handle etc. Supplied in fixed lengths or custom lengths according to table.

Special rod-lengths (marked 1) on request only.

  • Steel, zinc plated, or stainless steel (304).

*HVAC = Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

Interlink Rods - System KLIMA-FLEX
P/N, Steel P/N, Stainless steel (304) Description P/N, Steel P/N, Stainless steel (304) Description
282150-900 283050-900 L=900 mm 282150-1000 283050-1000 L=1000 mm
282150-1100 283050-1100 L=1100 mm 282150-1200 283050-1200 L=1200 mm
282150-1300 283050-1300 L=1300 mm 282150-1400 283050-1400 L=1400 mm
282150-1500 283050-1500 L=1500 mm 282150-1600 283050-1600 L=1600 mm
282150-1700 283050-1700 L=1700 mm 282150-L1 283050-L1 L = Custom rod length in mm