Roller Cam - System KLIMA-FLEX 2 (K2)

The K2 roller cam is easy to adjust according to your needs with a Torx-bit (T-30). Set it so that the door closes smoothly and is kept securely shut. The roller cams reduces the friction in the latching operation and increase the gasket compression.

You can connect several roller cams in series to be operated with only one handle.

  • Roller cam: Zinc die-cast, zinc plated, steel, zinc plated and glass fibre-reinforced polyamide (PA6GF30), black.
  • See page 2-315f for rod link.
  • Interlink rods, see page 2-313a.
  • For handles, with or without built-in roller cam, see page 2-315d.
Roller Cam for System KLIMA-FLEX 2
P/N Description Ø of roller
2651-305125-0062 Adjustable roller cam 25 mm