Compression Latching Hinge with Safety Catch -

180º Hinge-Latch, or latching hinge that may be used as hinge or latch according to need. Allows you to open door as left- or right hinged door, or to remove door completely. Universal left- and right assembly. Provides 6 mm compression and has a built-in safety catch for safe opening of pressurized doors. Patented with registered design.

Clicks into distinct open and closed position for tactile feedback.

Vertical adjustability together with guidance between door and frame parts, makes it easier than ever to get the perfect sealed door. Available in non-locking, push-button, keyed and tool operated version. Also customizable with your logotype.

Note that a normal panel will need four units in order to operate as either left-open, right open, or completely removable. Mount the door part with blind rivets (pop-rivets). The frame part may be mounted with screws or blind rivets.

No problems with thermal break as units are surface-mounted on to door and frame parts, resulting in no parts intruding through the double skinned doors.

  • Door part and handle: Glass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA6GF30).
  • Frame part and latching cam: Zinc die cast, black powder coated.
  • Hinge pin and assembly pins: Stainless steel.
  • Keys for insert "Recessed Hexagon 10" are found on page 2-380.

Same frame part is used in K2 hinge found at page 3-156. By mounting the frame parts symmetrical on left and right side of the frame and use K2 hinges on one side and latching hinges on the other side the end user can choose to have the door mounted either way, right- or left hinged.

Logotypes, other inserts, other colours and offsets from 0 – 25 mm offered upon request.

Products marked with * are key-locking and are supplied with two keys.

When mounted in a properly rated, suitable customer enclosure this handle meets the requirements for sealing level L1 regarding positive or negative air pressure according to DIN EN 1886.

Compression Latching Hinge with Safety Catch - System KLIMA-FLEX
P/N Description Offset
2651-400000 Non-locking 0 mm
2651-400080 Keyed IL101 * 0 mm
2651-400035 Recessed Hexagon 10 0 mm
2651-400070 Push-button 0 mm
2651-401000 Non-locking 10 mm
2651-401035 Recessed Hexagon 10 10 mm
2651-401080 Keyed IL101 * 10 mm
2651-401070 Push-button 10 mm