180° Hinge for Insulated Doors - System KLIMA-FLEX

Hinge designed for use on insulated doors in HVAC units. With door in open position, the smart quick-release function allows for complete door removal and door attachment, without the need for any tool.

Universal right and left mounting with 180º opening angle. Surface mounted on frame and door with rivets or screws.

Upon request, we can quote you a tool change so that the frame part can be supplied with other widths and offsets between 0-25 mm. The door part is prepared to display your logotype with a simple change in the moulding tool.

Note that the quick door-removal function only is possible when the door is in the "open" position.

  • Door part: Glass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA6GF30), black.
  • Frame part: Zinc die cast, black structure powder coated.
  • Hinge pin: Stainless steel (303).
  • Reinforcement bushings: brass, black zinc plated.
  • Compression Latching Hinge with same frame part: Page 3-155a/b.

The frame part is the same as for the "Compression Latching Hinge" page (3-155a/b). This makes it possible whenever needed to switch from a left hinged door to a right hinged door, and vice versa, when this hinge is used in combination with the "Compression Latching Hinge" page (3-155a/b). With this setup the door can also be removed completely.

180° Hinge for Insulated Door - System KLIMA-FLEX
P/N DescriptionOffset
2651-510050 Hinge for insulated doorsNo offset (0 mm)
2651-511050 Hinge for insulated doors10 mm offset