Adjustable Hinge for Insulated Doors -
180° Opening Angle

Adjustable in the X- and Y-axis if used with adjustment parts and oversized mounting holes in the door. The hinge is mounted to a threaded plate previously attached to the inside of the door with a mounting bracket, temporarily taped to the door skin. The hinge can also be used without the adjustment parts. Universal right or left mounting. Opening angle: 180°.

Adjustment parts = Threaded plate with bracket (drawing C).

  • Hinge: Zinc die-cast, zinc plated, black texture powder coated or chrome plated.
  • Threaded plate: Zinc die-cast, zinc plated.
  • Bracket: Steel, zinc plated.
  • Pin: Steel, zinc plated.
Adjustable Hinge for Insulated Doors - 180° Opening Angle
P/N Zinc P/N Black P/N Chrome L= Description - adjustment parts (C) Drawing
321179 321679 321379 80 Included A+C
32117901 32167901 32137901 80 Not included A
321180 321680 321380 98 Included B+C
32118001 32168001 32138001 98 Not included B