Latching Unit - KLIMA-FLEX 2 (K2)

The patented K2-technology allows for quick mounting in HVAC*-units using double-skinned doors with the thicknesses described in the table below. When the screw is turned with a Torx-bit (not included) expanding "legs" are engaged and fix the door skins from the inside of the door. You can wait until the last minute adding the handle on the inside or outside - and you are free to add a rod link or safety catch with no changes to the latching unit. K2 - System Klima-flex 2 for HVAC* applications is designed for quick and easy mounting. Roller cams reduces the friction in the latching operation and increase the gasket compression.

  • Latching unit: Zinc, zinc plated and glass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA6GF30), black.
  • Screw: Steel, zinc plated.

Cover plug is used to cover latching point when handle is not used.
*HVAC = Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

KLIMA-FLEX 2 - Latching Units
P/NDescriptionFor door thickness (Tolerance ± 2,5 mm)
2651-101025 K2 latching unit25 mm (1")
2651-101030 K2 latching unit30 mm (1,2")
2651-101035 K2 latching unit35 mm (1,4")
2651-101043 K2 latching unit43 mm (1,7")
2651-101045 K2 latching unit45 mm (1,75")
2651-101050 K2 latching unit50 mm (2")
2651-101060 K2 latching unit60 mm (2.4")
2651-101070 K2 latching unit70 mm (2.75")
2651-101075 K2 latching unit75 mm (3")
2651-101095 K2 latching unit95 mm (3.7")
2651-101100 K2 latching unit100 mm (4")
265078-301 Cover plug-