Rod latch systems Certified according to ISO 9001:2008
and EN14001:2004 by BSI.
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Vision Outside - Insulated - the specially adapted version for designs in Telecom, HVAC-applications and similar where insulated or double skinned doors are used.

Vision Outside - Insulated is especially developed for your electric enclosures that need to keep valuable electronics in a climate controlled environment under a fixed temperature. Used with insulated doors to maintain a temperature controlled climate inside the enclosure, protecting the electronics.
The system is designed for enclosures that are equipped with climate control (HVAC, HEX etc). The system is hidden in the insulated door providing thermal break and preventing condensation to form. The locking points consists of an protuding frame part and a receptacle hidden on the inside of the door.
The advantages of Vision Outside - Insulated:

· Allows an insulated door to be open, closed and locked in the most professional way in the market.

· Concealed mounting resulting in an aesthetically appealing design.

· The latching mechanism is placed outside the sealed door area, resulting in a "clean" door design with no cut-outs in critical areas.

· As door is latched - it is fixed in all dimensions (X, Y and Z) creating a vault-type latching performance, second to none.

· Direct load transfer from frame to door i.e. no oscillations from load transfer via rods.

· Unlike other systems on the market, Vision Outside - Insulated operates with door allocation prior to gasket compression. No shearing or side loads on the gasket means better sealing properties and longer gasket life.

· The system complies with the world’s most stringent requirements for vibration tests, torque tests and corrosion tests for use in Zone 4 telecom equipment applications and similar.

· Versatile and flexible means that the Vision system is capable of filling all your enclosure latching needs. Single system designation means higher production efficiency and less supply chain costs.

Please note that Industrilas is a manufacturer supplying latching products to wholesalers across the world. We cannot supply single pieces to private customers as we only ship our products in large quantities.

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