Quarter-turns &
latching systems
Certified according to ISO 9001:2008
and EN14001:2004 by BSI.
All products ROHS-compliant
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Patented function clamps latch on to doors.
The expanding spacers are engaged and affix themselves to the door skins from the inside of the door. This creates a stable unit with fixed door skins that do not move in relation to each other. The thin sheet metal door skins are immobilized with our patented dual door skin support.
Handle with different latching options.
Handle may be locked with key, or with one of several tool inserts. It may also be supplied as a non-locking version making the handles very versatile in your application. The handles may also be interchanged after installation if your need changes after time. Designed for ease on intallation in the factory or in the field. the handles are mounted with a single screw. Also - we can easily mould your logo right into the handle for added advertizing benefit.
Roller cam is adjustable. The KlimaFlex-2 roller cam is mounted and adjustable with a Torx-bit. This function makes it possible to adjust the roller cam for a wide range of frame thicknesses and for the right compression. The roller cam reduces the friction during the latching operation. Set it so that the door closes smoothly and is kept securely closed.
Inside options. On the inside, you can add several options to your roller cam according to your specific need. Rod link, safety catch - or inside security handle may be added as needed to the special roller cam equipped with multi-grip-fitting.
Emergency handle. Components for multi-point latching and inside emergency handles for walk-in applications (over 160 cm height). May be combined with other components.
Use only one tool. All screws on the system use only one tool. Torx T-30 is used all over the system and this makes it easy to both install the unit in a door, add handle, and adjust the roller cam to perfection.
· Heavy-duty latching points insures maximum protection so that door will stay closed despite over- or under-pressure

· Extremely easy to assemble. Saves on both working hours and on manufacturing the doors themselves. Field adjustable and replaceable without destroying the door.

· Handle can be configured for multipoint latching, inside release and/or with a safety catch for overpressurized applications.

· Safety catch option prevents accidents in pressurized systems.

· The same latch can be mounted for use on a right or left hinged door and for both in-swing or out-swing doors.

· Full thermal break between inside and outside of door.

· Integrated PUR-gasket ensures positive sealing in your project.

· Multiple options for locking: key-, tool- or non-locking.

· Fits multiple door thicknesses.
· Facilitates simple opening and closing even the biggest door.

· Latch can be secured without handle installed, so that HVAC-unit can be transported and installed without risk of handles breaking.

· Backward compatible with the original KlimaFlex system (K1). You can use new K2-handles to the old K1-latching points. You may also use the old K1-handle with the new K2-latching points.

· Patented dual door skin support function transforms handle into integral part of your door, bonding door skins to handle. No risk of buckling your doors.

· Simple two-hole panel preparation. Assembly entire unit using only one tool (Torx T-30).

· Add a rod link to operate several roller cams with only one handle.

· Strong, ergonomic handle means more comfort for operators and less breakage in the field.

· Easy to add your logo molded into the handle.

· Tough, comfortable and durable in both function and design.

Please note that Industrilas is a manufacturer supplying latching products to wholesalers across the world. We cannot supply single pieces to private customers as we only ship our products in large quantities.

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