Rod latch systems

VISION Inside - the Flexible Latching System
for Large or Small Doors

Vision Inside - the flexible latching system for latching inside the sealed area of the door. Vision Inside is developed for doors that require multiple latching points. One of the many advantages of the system lies in the compact assembly.

It is suitable for both large and small applications and takes up very little space in the enclosure. The cams are equipped with polyamide rollers, allowing for a very smooth opening and closing of the door.

The latching rod in its top position. Roller cam vertical, and door may be opened.

The latching rod in its bottom position. Roller cam horizontal behind the frame. The door is closed and latched.

The Vision Inside advantages:

  • Glass fibre-reinforced rollers ensure perfect tolerance take-up, smooth compression and latching action.
  • Sealed to IP65-standards.
  • Quick assembly with a single rod connecting all latching points.
  • Flexible - The number of latch points is variable.
  • Intuitive operation of handle.
  • Low-profile versions available.
  • Version "Highlander" with a surface treatment suitable for heavy duty applications.
  • A suitable, concealed hinge for these applications is the "click-hinge" that allows for a quick assembly and disassembly of the door. The door is quickly attached to the hinge pin with an audible "click" as proof of a secure connection. Read more on page 3-094 and 3-095.

Suitable hinges, page 3-094, 3-095 and 3-096