Rod latch systems

Rod Guides for Flat Rods

Version A
Rod guide in two parts made from zinc. Placed around the flat rod and attached to the door using screw, welding stud, rivet etc. The item is supplied in two halves per ordered rod guide.

Version B
Model made from one part of molded Polyamide. The rod is "folded" in the rod guide, that is then mounted on to the door with the slit facing down, which secures the rod in the rod guide. Use screw, welding stud, rivet or similar to attach the rod guide to the door.

  • Zinc model: Zinc, zinc plated or surface treatment ”Highlander”.
  • Plastic version: Glass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA6GF30), black.

Please refer to latch systems with flat rods:
1-008.21a/b, 1-008.25a/b.

Rod Guides for Flat Rods
P/N Description Material Drawing
281125 Rod guide in two parts Zinc, zinc plated A
281425 Rod guide in two parts Zinc with surface treatment "Highlander" A
285025 Rod guide in one part Polyamide B