Rod latch systems

VISION Swing Handle with Cylinder

Low profile swing handle with cylinder lock for cam. Supplied with two keys.

MODEL: Push-to-latch = Spring loaded cam latches when the handle is pushed in.

T = For door thickness: 0,8-3,5 mm.
PDL = Spring loaded padlock loop retracts when handle is released.

  • Handle and dish: Zinc die-cast, black texture powder coated or glass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA6GF30), black.
  • Cylinder: Zinc die-cast, stainless steel (304) cap and dust shutter.
  • Pivot shaft: Zinc die-cast, zinc plated.
  • Padlock loop: Stainless steel (304).

Cut-out, version C: Page 1-001.01.

* Master key system on request.

VISION Swing Handle with Cylinder (AAAAAABCD-EEEE)
AAAAAA Material B Opening rotation C T= D PDL -EEEE Cylinder
121611 Handle zinc / Dish PA6 1 90° clockwise or counter-clockwise. 1 0,8-1,5 0 No -C21S Keyed alike IL101
121641 Handle zinc / Dish zinc 2 90° counter-clockwise 2 1,6-2,5 1 Yes -C22S Keyed to differ *
125011 Handle PA6 / Dish PA6 3 90° clockwise 3 2,6-3,5 -C23S Keyed alike IL0333
-500S No cylinder
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