Padlockable Compression Handle 36 - 56 mm

Padlockable compression handle, with 6 mm compression stroke. Mounting: Rivets/screws (not included) or spacer nut (included). The C-dimension is the compressed position. The H-dimension is the distance from the outside face of the door to the engagement point of the cam in compressed position. Hole pattern is indicated in the table and is either "Combi" (version "F" on page 1-001.02) or the Ø 20 mm cut-out in the drawing above.

  • Handle: Glass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA6GF30), black.
  • Housing: Zinc die-cast, black coated.
  • Shaft: Zinc die-cast, black passivated.
  • Screw: Steel, zinc plated.
  • Spacer nut: Zinc die-cast, zinc plated.

For handle version using spacer nut: the hole diameter in the inner door skin should be Ø 28 mm for the spacer nut to fit through.

Padlockable Compression Handle 36 - 56 mm
P/N Description C= Cut-Out P/N Description C= Cut-Out
275004-30 Handle for rivets/screws 36 mm 20 mm Ø (A) 275006-30 Handle with spacer nut 36 mm Combi (B)
275004-40 Handle for rivets/screws 46 mm 20 mm Ø (A) 275006-40 Handle with spacer nut 46 mm Combi (B)
275004-50 Handle for rivets/screws 56 mm 20 mm Ø (A) 275006-50 Handle with spacer nut 56 mm Combi (B)