Surface Mounted Compression Latch

Surface mounted compression latch in solid design with all parts in metal. 10 mm compression by turning the insert from open to closed position.

The cover on the door part protects the latching parts on both door and frame side in closed position. The frame part is available in three different offsets (0, 10 and 20 mm), see P/N in the table. The door part is equipped with three oval mounting holes and frame part with two oval mounting holes. This creates the possibility to adjust the latch 1,8 mm both vertically and horizontally.

Available as tool operated versions with different inserts, see part numbers in the table.

No problems with thermal break as units are surface-mounted on to door and frame parts, resulting in no parts intruding through the double skinned doors.

  • Housing and frame part: Zinc die-cast, black coated.Insert: Zinc die cast, chrome plated.
  • Cam: Zinc die-cast.
Surface Mounted Compression Latch
P/N when L=0 P/N when L=10 P/N when L=20Description - insert
265026-0003 265026-1003 265026-2003 Square 7
265026-0005 265026-1005 265026-2005 Square 8
265026-0014 265026-1014 265026-2014 Triangle 7
265026-0015 265026-1015 265026-2015 Triangle 8
265026-0022 265026-1022 265026-2022 DIN 3
265026-0024 265026-1024 265026-2024 DIN 5