HVAC Handles - System KLIMA-FLEX

The handles in system Klima-flex offer you a latching system in locking or non-locking versions, for HVAC applications. The Klima-flex system is designed for quick and easy mounting of the handles on site. Handles for both inswing or outswing doors. Handles for inswing doors are supplied with customized roller cam. Locking versions use key extraction: Open/closed.

To build a complete unit:
Latching units: Page 2-311a/b.
Standard cams: page 2-481 and 2-491.
Roller cams: Page 2-312a/b.
Rod links and rods: Page 2-313a/b.
Safety handles: Page 2-312b.
Safety latches: Page 2-314.
Keys: Page 2-370 and 2-372.

  • Handle and roller: Glass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA6GF30), black.
  • Insert: Zinc die-cast, black texture powder coated.
  • Cylinder: Zinc die-cast, stainless steel (304) cap and dust shutter.
  • Padlock loop and cam shaft: Steel, zinc plated.

1 = Customized cams (marked1). Please provide us with the H-measurement.
** = Supplied with two keys.

HVAC Handles - System KLIMA-FLEX
P/N Description Door Outside roller cam included
265076-00 Non-locking Outswing -
265076-02-H ¹ Non-locking Inswing Yes
265076-IL10-7-H ¹ Keyed alike IL101 ** Inswing Yes
265076-IL10 Keyed alike IL101 ** Outswing -
265076-10 Keyed alike IL0333 ** Outswing -
265076-12-H ¹ Keyed alike IL0333 ** Inswing Yes
265076-20 Keyed to differ ** (master key system on request) Outswing -
265076-22-H ¹ Keyed to differ ** (master key system on request) Inswing Yes
265076-62-H ¹ Padlockable Inswing Yes
265076-60 Padlockable Outswing -
265076-3009 Insert Square 8 Outswing -
265076-3209-H ¹ Insert Square 8 Inswing Yes
265076-3012 Insert Triangle 7 Outswing -
265076-3212-H ¹ Insert Triangle 7 Inswing Yes
265076-3023 Insert Recessed hexagon 8 (5/16 inch) Outswing -
265076-3223-H ¹ Insert Recessed hexagon 8 (5/16 inch) Inswing Yes
265077-00 Knob Outswing -
265078-301 Cover plug for latching units - -
265078-302 Slotted cover plug for latching units - -