Round Rod for Latching System

Round Ø 8 mm rod with stamped, flat end and eye. For handles and latches with multi-point cams. The length L is the total length from the center of the eye to the end of the rod.

Custom products marked with * are available on request only.

  • Steel, zinc plated or stainless steel (304).

Swing handles: Chapter 1.
Cams: Page 2-490, 2-491, 2-500b and 2-510.
Rod guides: Page 2-560 and 2-570.

Round Rod for Latching System
P/N steel P/N SS (304) Description Length in mm
282101 283001 Rod P L=400 mm
282102 283002 Rod P L=500 mm
282103 283003 Rod P L=600 mm
282104 283004 Rod P L=700 mm
282105 283005 Rod P L=800 mm
282106 283006 Rod P L=900 mm
282107 283007 Rod P L=1000 mm
282108 283008 Rod P L=1100 mm
282109 283009 Rod P L=1200 mm
282110-LLLL* 283010-LLLL* Rod S-L LLLL=Custom length in mm