Multi-Key for Quarter-Turn Latches

Three different multi-keys:
Top drawing: Multi-key with four key grips: "Triangular 8" , "Square 6", "Square 8" and "DIN 5". The hexagon opening in the centre of the key works as a bit holder for a standard screwdriver-styled bit.
Bottom drawing: Multi-key with two key grips are available in two different versions:
Version A) "DIN 5" and "Hex 10" (shown).
Version B) "DIN 5" and "Deutsche Bahn" (also known as "DB").

  • Zinc die-cast, zinc plated.

On request, key 291153/-57 can be made with a combination of other inserts and / or customer logotype.

Other colours on request.

"DIN 5" also known as "Double Bit 5"

Multi-Key for Quarter-Turn Latches
P/N Description
291135 Four-way multi-key with bit holder (top drawing).
291153 Two-way multi-key with bits "Hex 10" and "DIN 5" (bottom drawing).
291157 Two-way multi-key with bits "Deutsche Bahn" and "DIN 5" (not shown).