Spacer Nut

Spacer nut for installing latches in insulated or laminated doors. The nut is used in combination with housing of corresponding length. The nut is supplied in two versions:
X: The threaded area located at the flange-end (see drawing). Use on long housings to speed up mounting. Clamps on to front panel only.
Y: The threaded part located at the open end (see drawing). Use on thick doors, insulated doors or similar. Clamps on to both sides of the double-sided door.

  • Zinc die-cast, zinc plated or stainless steel (304).
Stainless versions and other dimensions on request.
Spacer Nut for Quarter-Turn Latches - Zinc, Die-Cast
P/N Description - thread Y P/N Description - thread X
291118 L=15,0 mm 291134 L=22,5 mm
291132 L=21,0 mm 291120 L=25,5 mm
291119 L=23.5 mm 291133 L=37,5 mm
291129 L=25,0 mm 291130 L=48,0 mm
291127 L=38,0 mm 291121 L=50,0 mm
291131 L=44,0 mm
291128 L=48,0 mm
Spacer Nut for Quarter-Turn Latches - Stainless Steel (304)
P/NDescription - thread YP/NDescription - thread X
293028 L=50,0 mm - SS 304293001 L=29,0 mm - SS 304