Cam with Inside Handle

Cam without projection, with integrated inside handle. For use together with non-locking products and housings with internal limitation of rotation.

  • Steel, zinc plated, or stainless steel (304).

This handle fits products with internal limitation. Please see suitable products on the following pages:

  • Vibration resistant quarter-turns, 18 mm: 2-020a/b.
  • Quick mounting quarter-turns: 2-030a/b.
  • Vibration resistant quarter-turns, 12 mm: 2-040a/b.
  • Vibration resistant quarter-turns, 18 mm: 2-120a/b.
  • Quarter-turn wing knob, 18 mm: 2-252.
  • Quarter-turn T-handle, 18 mm: 2-271.
  • Acid-proof quarter-turns, 6-134a/b.
Cam with Inside Handle
P/N Description P/N Description
26210009 Steel 26300009 SS (304)