Finger Pull and Dust Cover

Finger pull (black) and protective dust cover (black) for standard quarter-turn latches with a collar diameter of 28 or 32 mm (see table).

The white protective dust covers (marked with an *) for quarter-turn latches using an modified circular cut-out of 16 x 19 mm. These latches are found on pages 2-620 and 2-655.

  • Finger pull: Glass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA6GF30), black.
  • Dust cover, black: TPE.
  • Dust cover, white: Polyethene.

Add 2 mm to the H-dimension to compensate for plate thickness.

If a IP65-product is used with finger pull or dust cover, you need to order a separate flat gasket 297006 to maintain IP65 (see table).

Finger Pull and Dust Cover
P/N Description Collar Ø mm Drawing
295005 Finger pull, black 28 A
295006 Finger pull, black 32 B
275018 Dust cover, black 28-32 C
276001 Dust cover, white for "16 x 19 mm" cut-out 24 D
297006 Additional flat gasket for maintaining IP65 in such applications