Cylinder Lock - Type 32300 - for Wood

Cylinder lock for mounting in wooden doors and panels. The P/N is individual for each specific application. Refer to lock type 32300, attach a drawing of the application, mounting context and requirements, for defining the unique complete lock / cam P/N. Supplied with front collar. Supplied with two keys. Master key system available.

  • Housing: Zinc die-cast, chrome plated.
  • Cylinder: Zinc die-cast, stainless steel (304) cap.
  • Cam: Steel, zinc plated.
  • Front collar: Steel, chrome plated.

Products are available on request only.

Cylinder Lock - Type 32300 - for Wood
Lock type Key combinations Opening rotation Key extraction T= Cam fixation
32300-02 200 180° Open / Closed 0,5-20,0 Screw
32300-04 200 90° clockwise Open / Closed 0,5-20,0 Screw