Electronic Code Lock

Digital code lock for shopping centers, libraries, lockers in changing rooms and similar facilities where large numbers of people are passing.

Also suitable where several persons must have access to the same area, like tool cabinets and equipment needed for shift workers etc. No need to worry about lost mechanical keys. The user himself chooses a personal 4-digit code when locking the door. As the door is opened, this code is reset, and a new code must be chosen by the new user.

Several safety features are built into the unit, like inspection code, master code etc. Extra accessories are available, for instance a separate battery pack if you want to change completely discharged batteries. Also available is a protective key-screen to prevent people peeking at the code being entered on the keypad.

The unit will remind you when the batteries need to be replaced and gives a clear indication if it is open or locked. Simple and intuitive to use.

Needs 4 pcs AA-batteries (supplied with the lock) that normally last for a year. Temperature range: 0 to +60°C. Protection degree IP65. Code lock with only one, fixed, combination is available.

Products are available on request only.

Electronic Code Lock
P/N Description
78700010001 Code lock, basic version, IP 65
78700011001 Keyboard cover - preventing others watching you entering your code
78700011002 Extra battery pack for changing completely discharged batteries.