VECTOR P – Slam Action Paddle Latch

Wherever a slam action paddle latch is required Industrilås offers a unique solution. Our brand new system Vector P is available with three different latching mechanisms to meet exactly your requirements. Patented latching solution and a registered design.

Vector P product line is developed for heavy duty use in tough environments, for on- and off-road applications. Smart choices of material in every single component create products with less weight which are more cost effective compared to traditional all stainless steel paddle latches. Unique contemporary design with great ergonomic characteristics is just a bonus on all our Vector P handles.
Common characteristics and advantages for all three latching versions (Learn more about the advantages of the different latching solutions on pages 2-831 to 2-834).

  • All Vector P can be chosen either with mounting bracket or four moulded-in screws. Both options provide an aesthetic blind mount not visible from the outside.
  • Available as left, universal or right version for best ergonomics and for design possibilities, see page 2-830a.
  • Same rectangular cut out for all Vector P latches, see page 2-830a.
  • Supplied with cylinder 805 with stainless steel (304) cap and dust shutter. Two keys included. Other cylinders upon request.
  • Obtains IP65 with PUR-in-place gasket.
  • Can be ordered with or without striker.
  • The light weight glass fibre reinforced polyamide used for tray and handle provide a robust handle with excellent corrosion resistance.

Vector P - slam action paddle latch - hooked cam. Learn more on pages 2-831a and 2-831b Protection degree
Vector P - slam action paddle latch - 2-point latch. Learn more on pages 2-832a and 2-832b Universal LH / RH
Vector P - slam action paddle latch - integrated rotary latch. Learn more on pages 2-834a and 2-834b Cylinder locking