VECTOR P – Slam Action Paddle Latch - Rotary Cam

Patented, heavy duty Vector paddle latch with registered design. Flush handle that assembles into your door with either a mounting bracket or with four mould-in bolts. Both alternatives provide a completely blind mount assembly.

Unique design with grip handle available as left, right or universal handle. The left and right handle provide not only an unique aesthetic appearance, but also provide the best possible grip in every situation, especially when mounted low or high in your application. Handles are available as "left", "universal" and "right". See drawing on page 2-830a for description, cut-out drawing and exterior dimensions.

The rotary latching mechanism engage with the striker in two steps for extra safety, typically used in vehicles. Designed for on- and off-road vehicle applications.
PUR-gasket from polyurethane and O-rings from NBR ensure a water- and dust tight sealing according to IP65. The handle is equipped with keyed alike 805-cylinder as standard and it is supplied with two keys. Key extraction in both open and closed position. Cylinders with other key codes offered upon request.

  • Body, grip handle and adapter for cylinder (internal component): Glass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA6GF30), black.
  • Maneuver arms: Zinc die cast, zinc plated.
  • Mounting bracket, cam, mould-in bolts and striker used inside sealed area: Steel, zinc plated.
  • Cylinder: Zinc die cast with stainless steel (304) cap and dust shutter.
  • O-rings: NBR.
  • PUR-Gasket: Polyurethane.
  • Nuts (2 pcs) supplied with mounting bracket version: Steel, zinc plated.

The tightening torque of the two nuts for the mounting bracket is 3,0 Nm. The tightening torque of the four nuts for the mould-in bolts is 2,2 Nm. It is important that the four holes made in the cut out for the mould-in bolts are within tolerance, to avoid damage when tightening the M5 nuts.

VECTOR P – Slam Action Paddle Latch – Rotary (AAAA-BBCCDDE-FFGG)
AAAA- Description BB Handle CC Mounting DD Cam E Type -FF Cylinder type GG Striker H L
2800- VECTOR - Paddle 0 Universal 01 Mould-in bolts 05 Rotary 0 Standard -01 805 00 No - -
1 Left 02 Mounting bracket 01 Yes 16 55
2 Right
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