Adjustable Friction Hinge

Screw mounted friction hinge. Universal left and right mounting (above drawing, right side mounted on frame and left side mounted on door). Opening angle 180°. This hinge has been designed for applications where the force to open or close a door needs to be controlled and adjusted, facilitating the possibility to keep the door open, partially open or closed.

To adjust the friction force, simply turn the screw on the hinge body, clockwise to increase the friction and counter-clockwise to reduce it. By setting the screw to torque 0-4 Nm the resistance of opening and closing the friction of the hinge is adjusted between 0-5,5 Nm. Do not exceed the torque or rotation angle limits as not to affect the mechanical performance of the hinge.

  • Hinge and protective end caps: Glass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA6GF30), black.
  • Pin and nut: Steel, zinc plated.

After capping torque-setting screw with plastic protective end caps (supplied), these are not removable.

Tighten the torque-setting screw for optimal friction using a 6 mm hexagon key (Allen key).

Adjustable Friction Hinge
P/N Description
3250-502000-6560 Adjustable friction hinge