Sealing profiles

Sealing Profiles for Channels

Sealing profile for use with doors and panels. A small compression is enough to compensate for large tolerances. The special shape creates a balanced seal between frame and seal - and between seal and door. The side of the profile is equipped with "lips" allowing for movement and ensuring that the seals stays in the channel when the door is opened. This ensures an even pressure along the seal.

The symmetric design prevents mistakes during mounting. The profiles work just as well during positive or negative pressure and can be used in 90° corners without the need for cutting.

Manufactured from black EPDM. Coil size: 40 m / roll.

Recommended compression of the profile is 1-2 mm. Recommended channel width is 8,5 mm.

Sealing Profiles for Channels
P/N H-dimension Compressed length (A)
4300-0500-1810 18 mm 16-17 mm
4300-0500-2010 20 mm 18-19 mm
4300-0500-2210 22 mm 20-21 mm
4300-0500-2410 24 mm 22-23 mm
4300-0500-2610 26 mm 24-25 mm
4300-0500-2810 28 mm 26-27 mm