Roller cams, Rod Link and Inside Handles -

Stainless roller cams and inside handles - System Klima-flex 1 (K1) for HVAC* applications. The Klima-flex system is designed for quick and easy mounting. Roller cams reduces the friction in the latching operation and increase the gasket compression.
*HVAC = Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

  • Roller cam: Stainless steel (304) and glass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA6GF30), black, or stainless steel.
  • Inside handle: Stainless steel (304).
  • Red cover: Plastic, screws in stainless steel (304).
  • Interlink arm: Stainless steel (304).

Interlink rods: Page 2-313a and 2-313b.

Inside handle is only approved in combination with non-locking outside handle.

Roller Cams, Rod Link and Inside Handle - System KLIMA-FLEX
P/N Description For locking unit P/N Description For locking unit
2330S07-R01 Roller cam, roller in PA6 All 2330S07-R05 Roller cam, roller in PA6 All
2330S07-R06 Roller cam, roller in stainless steel (303) All 2330S07-R08 Roller cam, roller in PA6 All
263076-54 Inside handle, untreated All 263076-50 Inside handle - red cover All
263079-10 Interlink arm for Ø 8 mm latching rod. All