Stainless steel

Padlockable Compact Defeater Handle - 36 mm

Stainless padlockable compact defeater handle equipped with a built-in spring loaded insert, providing a defeater function making the handle compliant with two-handed safety operations requirements. Also equipped with a padlock loop (with Ø 10 mm hole) for optional locking.

To operate the handle, first remove the padlock from the trigger/padlock loop. With one hand, turn the insert. With the other hand, push the trigger/padlock loop and then turn the handle. The cast-in threaded steel shaft allows simple cam adjustment. Removable stop for clockwise or counter-clockwise operation. Supplied with nut, screw and gasket. Protection degree IP65.

  • Handle: Brushed stainless steel (304).
Padlockable Compact Defeater Handle - 36 mm
P/N Description - insert
263031-41 Defeater handle with insert "Slotted, recessed"
263031-47 Defeater handle with insert "Recessed hexagon 8 with 3 mm pin"
263033 Handle with insert "Solid plug". No defeater - only one-handed trigger