Latching HVAC-applications with a modular system allows you to build your system according to need.

More information:
See page 2-310a-2-316a. More parts like hinges, sealing profiles, inspection windows and accessories: Chapter 3, 4 and 5.

All handles for the K1-system fits doors that swing in or out. Models: non-locking, tool operated, padlockable or cylinder locking. Attaching the handles can wait until the HVAC-unit is shipped to its place of assembly. Read more: K1-handles with different locking versions: see page 2-310a/b.Handle K1 with different locking functions. Catalogue page 2-310a/b.
The K1-latching units are available for two different hole patterns; Combi or K-flex. Read more: K1 latching units with shaft and collar, see pages 2-311a and 2-311b.Latching units, K1 with axles. Catalogue page 2-311a/b.
The K1 roller cam reduces friction when opening and closing. It also increases compression of the sealing profile around the door. Roller cams are available in a variety of different shapes and dimensions. Read more: K1 roller cams, see page 2-312a and 2-312b.Roller cams for Klima-flex 1. Catalogue page 2-312b.
Inside options.
On the inside, you can add several options to your roller cam according to your specific need. Rod link, safety catch - or inside security handle may be added as needed to the special roller cam equipped with a multi-grip fitting.
Inside handles. Catalogue page 2-312a/b.
Components for multi-point latching and inside emergency handles for walk-in applications (over 160 cm height). May be combined with other components.Rod latch system for multi-point latching. Catalogue page 2-313a/b.
Surface mounted system for K1. Surface mount K1 latching system for outswing doors. Catalogue page 2-316a.