Rod latch systems

VISION Heavy-Duty

Latch point heavy-duty: Steel, polyamide (PA6GF30) and latch pin from stainless steel (303).

Latch point, "Vision Outside": Zinc die cast, zinc plated. Brass rollers.

Flat rod: Steel, zinc plated or stainless steel (316).

Guide block: Zinc, zinc plated, polyamide (PA6GF30).

Corner control mechanism: Polyamide (PA6GF30). Cog wheel: Stainless steel (304).

Rods will be designed for each application. Please contact Industrilas.

The door part of the heavy-duty latching point is welded onto the door. The assembly is powder-coated after welding and finally the PA6 guide bushings are snapped in position.

Components for the Vision Heavy-Duty System
132107-06 Latching point - Heavy-Duty. Bolt-on frame part with weld-on door part.A
131108 Vision latching point. Frame part and door part included. Both for bolt-on mounting.
135001 Corner control mechanism
131105 Control mechanism