Compression Latching Point

Designed to be used in insulated doors where multiple compression latching points are required to create perfect sealing. The latching point is mounted on the inside of a double skinned door with a minimum thickness of 26 mm. The latch is designed to be operated with a 8 mm rod (ordered separately). When the cam turns 90ยบ from open to closed position it simultaneously creates 7 mm compression. The maneuvering is smooth thanks to the roller cam and the internal mechanism in the latching points. The latching points are available as "clockwise" and "counter-clockwise" versions. In applications with high gasket compression and long 8 mm rods between maneuvering handle and latching points, it is preferable to pull the latching point from open to closed position to avoid rod bending and ensure accurate latching.

The roller cam is adjustable for clamping range (A) between 1-10 mm.

  • Compression latch point: Zinc die cast, zinc plated.
  • Roller cam and internal bushing: Glass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA6GF30), black.
  • Screws: Steel, zinc plated.
  • Internal spring: Stainless steel (304).
  • 8 mm rods for Klima-flex systems: 2-313a
  • 8 mm rods for other maneuvering handles: 2-540
Definition of rotation: When looking at the closed door from outside the cabinet, the clockwise version rotates clockwise direction from latched to unlatched position.
The counter-clockwise version rotates counter-clockwise direction from latched to unlatched position observed from outside the closed cabinet.
Compression Latching Hinge with Safety Catch - System KLIMA-FLEX
P/N Description Drawing
2651-395125-0060 Counter-clockwise 1
2651-385125-0060 Clockwise 2